Fine Artisan Malas & High Vibration Spiritual Jewelry

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Inner Balance Jewelry is created with Love and attention to detail

Every mala beads necklace, meditation necklace, prayer necklace & gemstone bracelet by Inner Balance Jewelry is handcrafted with the intention of spreading the highest vibration of Love and healing frequencies.

Inner Balance Jewelry is the only jewelry of its kind in the world.

A variety of gemstones, crystals, wood, metal and other materials are used in creating your one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Gemstones and other materials hold different frequencies and many different healing qualities. As each piece of jewelry is created, stones are chosen for specific healing properties and also the beauty and aesthetics of how the stones, wood and metals look as a whole. 

Once a piece of jewelry is created and & then purchased, Yvette uses her skills as an energy correction practitioner, and creates a unique energy correction healing code to compliment your special meditation necklace or mala beads. This special (one of a kind) code is created with the intention to magnify the properties of the crystals & gemstones and deepen your meditation when you use the unique code. This precise code is only created once you purchase the jewelry, as this code is based on a combination of the mala beads & your energy and intention as the receiver.

These energy healing codes are based on the meridian system in the subtle body and they are unique to each mala necklace or meditation necklace that she creates.  In most cases, this code can also be used as your personal code if you choose to work with Yvette at a later time in sessions and other properties can be added to this code. *visit https://truehealingsource.com for more information.

So, What is a Mala?

Prayer beads or Malas (Sanskrit: mālā “garland”) are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations, or the repetitions of a Buddha’s name or during prayer. Some people also use Mala beads for stimulating Chakras, and to help clear a resonating physical or emotional issue and for manifesting.

Most Inner Balance Jewelry meditation necklaces and mala beads are one of a kind creations with specific healing properties. Other jewelry such as mala bracelets, can mostly be duplicated unless I use a special one of a kind stone for the focal point.