Amazonite – The Intuition & Prosperity Stone

Amazonite Natural Stone Properties




agate 1

Another favorite natural gemstone of mine is Amazonite – it holds properties for raising intuition and increasing abundance. And, I love the gentle hues of blue, cream and browns that can be found depending on the variety of stone you purchase as you can see in the matte Amazonite stones in this Prosperity & Love mala inspired necklace.

Amazonite – Natural gemstone of Intuition, Prosperity, Truth & Honor.


Amazonite is associated with both the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra for it’s chakra healing properties.

Amazonite has been used by many as a talisman for money abundance and is recommended when beginning a business venture to evoke success.

Since natural stones can have multiple healing properties they can be beneficial for many reasons and I recommend finding one that resonates with you in different ways.

Things to think about when making purchasing your sacred jewelry or healing gemstones: 

Aesthetics: What is your initial feeling when you see your piece of jewelry? For me, I can fall in love with natural stones of all kinds very easily! Even stones I find in my back yard. Did you just fall in love with the necklace or pendant as soon as you laid your eyes on it? That says a lot!

protection bracelet.jpg

What is the purpose of the stone?

This photo shows an energy protection crystal bracelet handmade with beautiful variations of amethyst and amazonite stones. You can choose your jewelry or stone based on what healing properties you are looking for as well as the beauty and aesthetics of your mala or other piece of energy healing jewelry. You may even choose to have a custom jewelry piece handmade such as a mala necklace or prayer beads.

How does it feel when you hold your sacred piece of jewelry or healing stone?

If you are anything like me, I am a very touchy feely person and when I see a piece of jewelry that I like live an in person, I really like to pick it up, hold it, examine it’s beauty and natural flaws in the gemstones, all of which I find so intriguing and beautiful.

Depending on your personality, you may find this beneficial in finding a special sacred piece of jewelry or healing gemstone of your own. In this way, you can also feel how the natural stone and other beads, resonate with your energy.

Also consider the purpose of the sacred piece of jewelry and the size. An example would be the 108 bead mala necklace (above) and the smaller couples meditation mala bracelets (above right).

What is the purpose of your sacred piece of jewelry?

Will you be using your sacred jewelry only for meditation purposes and prayer? Will you also be wearing your sacred jewelry or mala necklace or mala bracelet? Would you like something a little larger or just something minimal?

These are just a few things that you might consider when choosing your new sacred jewelry – mala necklace, mala bracelet, prayer beads, Yoga jewelry, Buddha beads, Om necklace or Om beads, Reiki jewelry, Chakra jewelry or other sacred piece of jewelry.

About Yvette – Inner Balance Jewelry (Prescott, Arizona)

My name is Yvette and I live in the amazing mile high Prescott Arizona area with my husband and 2 beautiful daughters and sweet dedicated, loving dog Sophie and my first “grand-dogter” Luna. I am a creative artist specializing in creative healing and sacred jewelry. I have online shops through InnerBalanceJewelry@Etsy and directly through

I have always loved the natural beauty of gemstones, rocks and sea shells since I can remember as a child – one of my favorite natural gemstones is turquoise and has been since I was little. I have been known to pick up random rocks, leaves and shells while on nature walks or visiting the beach or even in my own back yard.

Sterling silver has always been my favorite metal to wear.

I am also continue my study and practice as an alternative energy medicine practitioner offering my clients the most effective and profound healing choices for physical and emotional issues.

I love to frequently visit California with my family, especially the beach and enjoy time together reconnecting as a family, playing in the ocean and enjoying the sunshine and continue working toward my dream of living there someday to be even closer to the beach and mesmerizing sound of the crashing waves.

With Joy, Yvette – Inner Balance Jewelry


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