Choosing Your Meditation Mala or Spiritual Jewelry



Choosing Your Meditation Mala or Spiritual Jewelry

September 10, 2017

Yvette Marie – Inner Balance Jewelry

Choosing a sacred piece of jewelry for meditation can be overwhelming with so many choices that are available from so many creative sellers.

You may choose your meditation mala or other piece of sacred jewelry based on the qualities of the stones or other inclusions or because of the way you feel when you hold it, look at it or wear it.

I find that I feel a resonance instantly when I look at something, and I also like to touch and feel the stones and hold them and view their beauty. For me it is personally a whole experience.

I also do this when choosing stones to include in the jewelry I create for others. I choose the central stone, pendant or Buddha bead initially for the beauty and intricacies or the healing properties it evokes, and as I pick it up and begin to examine the stone, I feel a deep resonance and Love and appreciation for it’s intricate and unique beauty.

If you are choosing a piece of meditation jewelry from my shop Inner Balance Jewelry or other online source, once you find something that is pleasing to the eye, you can imagine holding it in your hands or wearing it around your neck and meditating with it. Feel how your energy changes just imagining this. Since everything is energy and connected from one Source, you may begin to feel a resonance with it or not and this can help in making your decision of which piece to buy for your needs.

 Also, consider the healing properties of the stones depending on what your personal healing need may be for emotional, spiritual or physical properties. Or, if you are seeking something that is for chakra healing and balancing.

For example: Rose quartz is known to resonate with the heart chakra and the qualities of unconditional Love for self and others, deep inner peace and as beneficial in relationships.

And, to intensify the Kundalini energy and sexual energy you might choose to include the carnelian stone, also know for healing and balancing the root chakra.

Eventually, you may find that you have many pieces of sacred jewelry and spiritual jewelry that resonates with different healing qualities and you may use them at different times depending on your mood, emotions and other healing needs.

 Begin with something that resonates with how you feel right now as well as it’s eye pleasing beauty. and as you progress toward other healing, you may be called to choose another piece of sacred jewelry to meditate with or wear for comfort and feeling inner peace.

I invite you to visit Inner Balance Jewelry and feel what gemstones and other items resonate with you right now or request a customized meditation mala or other piece of jewelry for your healing needs or chakra balancing.

Blessings of Optimal Health & Peace – Yvette. Inner Balance Jewelry


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