Enhancing Your Gratitude & Life Abundance

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Would you like to enhance your feelings of gratitude and attract more abundance in all areas of your life? Once you begin practicing the feeling of more gratitude it becomes a part of you embedded so deeply and intensely and it just feels so good and nothing else compares! Without it you begin to sort of feel dead in the true sense of the word. When you are in the state of Love & gratitude you feel enlivened and full of energy and unstoppable! And, the fun part is that you begin to manifest the life you desire just by this one simple act. Gratitude is Love – and Love is the highest most pure energy – it heals everything in an instant and brings more true Joy to your life than you could ever imagine. Many people begin practicing the law of attraction for the "stuff" then you realize you don't want to be out of the vibration or energy of Love and gratitude because it just sucks when you are! For me the feeling of Love and gratitude has become my drug of choice. And, I do what I can to maintain that vibration as much as possible now just because it feels so freakin' good! How about you? Inner Balance Jewelry is the original & only source of personalized energy encoded meditation jewelry & malas – and is intended to enhance your meditation & raise your energy & vibration with the personalized energy codes that are included with each purchase. https://www.etsy.com/listing/560527179/gratitude-abundance-malaprosperity?ref=shop_home_active_8 #meditation #mala #selfhealing #lawofattraction #beautiful #mantra #highvibes #badass #yoga #yogajewelry #peace #serenity #inspirational #om #amazonite #gemstone #lovebeads #malabeads #innerbalancejewelry

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