Why Do You Love Yoga?

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Why do you love yoga? Fit body? More flexibility? Better mood? Spiritual? Relaxation? Emotional health? I am still a yoga newbie. I felt like my body was calling me to begin yoga for a while – I was nervous to begin because of my curvy body that is not the shape of someone on the front of yoga magazine. I was really nervous I would just never be able to get into any of the poses without looking tremendously awkward or even at all (although, I practiced while my family was not home, I had this vision of myself looking like a toddler learning how to walk 😐 However, once I made the commitment to myself & began, I wished I had begun yoga long ago. In only a few weeks time, I noticed a real difference in my flexibility and a difference in my technique. I am no where near a perfect pose for anything yoga yet, however, it seems my body really likes yoga and is making strides each time I practice. Something else I noticed when I began practicing yoga is that I began feeling a different sense of appreciation for my body as I was moving and stretching. I began to fall in love, in a sense, with what my body is capable of and I could actually imagine a time when my body would be able to get into the pose with better form. It also felt like a different form of meditation for me – i have been practicing meditation for many years and the way I began to feel during yoga was wonderful, so calm and peaceful like a zen state. It is during this time that a powerful mantra came to me during a meditation that I now use regularly and I also love to share with my clients – "I am Love, I am loved, I am worthy, I am whole, I am complete, I am enough – I am Source energy in human form" I began using this mantra at the beginning of my yoga practice and at the end. And, I began using it when I wake and right before bed. I would love to know how you feel as you use this mantra 💕 How has yoga enhanced your life? FREE shipping on select purchases – energy encoded meditation & yoga jewelry https://www.etsy.com/shop/InnerBalanceJewelry #meditation #yoga #worthit #innerpeace #selfhealing #yogalove #sunsalutation #intention #IAM #serenity #inspirational

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