Wood Healing Properties

Wood Healing Properties

WOOD: Third eye (signifies a bridge between Heaven and Earth)

For this reason, I find wood a perfect choice for use in spiritual healing jewelry & meditation malas and I love combining wood with beautiful gemstones for just that purpose.

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I have loved wood since I was a little girl and my dad would take me to work with him – he remodeled homes and made furniture – I would play with the scraps of wood and smell the scent of fresh cut wood, and I have a love of wood and stones to this day – especially wood that has knots and inclusions that make it unique and beautiful.

In the realm of healing & spirituality wood has been used for centuries in many cultures for jewelry & beautiful sculptures of reverence & worship. 

There are so many different kinds of wood that can be used in jewelry making and healing. With a little research, you can find out what specific types of wood represent for healing.

I recommend that when shopping for your piece of sacred jewelry, pay attention to how you feel. You will find that you feel a strong resonance with a particular piece of jewelry or a meditation mala depending on what your consciousness is steering you toward for you personal healing needs. Also, of course keep in mind the way you feel about the aesthetics & beauty. Many people report feeling uplifted even when just holding and wearing their spiritual jewelry or meditation mala even before using it during meditation and prayer.

– Yvette is a certified energy healing practitioner & jewelry designer with a focus on spiritual jewelry & healing meditation jewelry & malas and pendulums for healing –

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