Meaning of Namaste

What does the word Namaste mean to you?

One of my favorite words is Namaste ~ simply because of it’s intention and meaning. There are different variations of the meaning, however to me, they all basically mean the same thing ~ I understand it to mean:

The Divine in me honors the Divine in you

Another way I like to understand it is “The Divine in me honors all of the Divine in creation” 

Translation of Namaste: ‘Nama’ means bow, ‘as’ means I, and ‘te’ means you.

Namaste literally translates to “I bow to you.”

Namaste!.pngNamaste is actually an Sanskrit word and gesture used in India as a greeting. In India, people may use hand gesture similar to a prayer position as they greet, instead of actually speaking the word Namaste. A person would place the hands together similar to as if praying, placing their hands together near the heart chakra or in front of the third eye, then bowing and sliding your hands down to your heart chakra area. I see it to be very sacred gesture – and it’s said to be of Love & respect.

I have seen people do this also by simply placing their hands together in front of the third eye and then bowing as if to say, “I honor the whole of you”

Although I am not of the Indian culture, I really love the meaning and gesture of Namaste. It has such a wonderful energy and feels like such a Universal way to show that you honor and respect all of Creation.

Some explain it as one soul recognizing or acknowledging the soul in another. Another explanation is, “I bow to the God in you”. It can be used in Yoga at the beginning or end of a yoga class with specific hand gestures as well which has specific meaning ~ This is the yogic process of unification. In yoga, everything is one.

What does Namaste mean to you?

In a deeper sense, I can feel that it represents world peace between everyone and everything ~ One Love

Blessing of Optimal Health & Peace -

Author Yvette Marie, EC-CP, HSP, Teacher, Healer – Creative Artist &
Founder of Inner Balance Jewelry ~ My passion is helping others in what I call “heart healing” – from trauma and evolve to a place of self appreciation, self worth and self Love and in my own small way, helping the world heal… I invite you to visit me at one of these sources or

With Gratitude, Photo courtesy of Christina Foster founder of Sole To Soul Hot Yoga Studio Prescott Arizona


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