The Original & Only Source of Personalized Energy Healing Code Jewelry and Custom Malas

 Inner Balance Jewelry is handcrafted with the highest intention to spread the energy of Love & healing.

Inner Balance Jewelry is the ORIGINAL & ONLY Source of Unique, Personalized Energy Code Jewelry and mala necklaces of it’s kind in the world for meditation & Self Healing.

I create all jewelry and custom malas from my home studio in beautiful Prescott Arizona in a smoke free environment. In addition to being beautiful, Inner Balance Jewelry is created with meditation & self healing in mind. All mala necklaces for prayer, meditation, chakra balance and yoga offer a choice of including a personalized energy healing code – when used with meditation, the powerful intent is to deepen your meditation and inner peace along with enhancing the properties of the individual stones and as a collective in your jewelry selection.

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I create your sacred jewelry and custom mala not only with the intention of creating something beautiful, but, creating something with an energy that expands as you wear or hold it in a way that you feel different being in the presence of your chosen piece of jewelry even before you begin your meditation.Many of my clients and customers have expressed the amazing energy they feel just holding their new piece of jewelry upon opening their delivery. I have had more than a few people message me to share that they gasped when they opened their new mala at how beautiful it is and it is more than they ever imagined. This brings me such Joy!

Each energy encoded mala necklace, holds different properties for healing emotionally, physically & spiritually. Each gem, stone and other material, has energetic frequencies that are believed to resonate for different healing effects. And, the intent with all Inner Balance Jewelry, is that when you are attracted to a specific piece of healing jewelry, a mala or necklace, you are being guided you not only toward the beauty, but also the properties you may be attracting for your healing whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual.

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  … Healing Properties…

Each gemstone or other material can hold multiple properties for healing, and when combined with other stones, can also enhance each others’ properties as well as work together for a profound benefit.

How do I use the Personalized Healing Code? 

I encourage you to work with your meditation mala, placing your powerful intention as you begin your meditation and use your personalized optional healing code, as this intention and energy is received by your chosen jewelry, and then the healing morphs and changes with your intention as a living energy both in the mala & stones and the healing code.

Simply place intent as you begin your meditation, then run your hand or fingers over the healing code on the card a few times, and begin your meditation. It’s as simple as that!

In some cases you may notice a shift even before you receive your mala as I create your optional unique custom code before shipping your custom mala to you. You might even notice a shift as you run your hand over your healing code and during meditation. Notice what is different for you not only during meditation, but in the following days and weeks. I recommend that you continue to use your healing code with your meditation as frequently as you feel comfortable. Visit True Healing Source to find out more about scheduling a personal remote session toward your Optimal Health & Inner Peace.

Your optional personalized healing code is living energy, and as energy morphs, changes, shifts and grows, so does the code to best help you manifest your desire for healing in many ways.

How do I encode the jewelry?

I am a certified energy healing/correction practitioner and a Positive Living Coach. I use my skills as an energy correction practitioner, to create personalized codes to use with your spiritual mala or self healing necklace. I offer this unique optional upgrade to meditation necklaces, chakra necklaces, yoga and mala necklaces. All other jewelry (such as bracelets) is encoded with a Universal code that I have created and includes a powerful mantra for self healing and self empowerment which is printed on a card that is included with your purchase. You may use this code in a similar manner as above with the personalized code.

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Most Inner Balance Jewelry is one of a kind and therefore you are invited to purchase an item that is ready to ship, or you can contact me (Yvette) below to have something similar or custom created just for you.

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I check my email throughout the day to ensure I reply to all requests as quickly as possible, (please, no marketing – only authentic requests will be honored – thank you).

Blessing of Optimal Health & Peace -